Embassies illustrated

25 September, 2017

The presentation of a story about the embassies of Moors and Christians took on Saturday September 23 the activities of the “Cervino Year” in Ontinyent. This is a new activity within the program organized by the Society of Festeros with the collaboration of the city council to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the author of the embassies, this time with a story included in the collection of…


50th Anniversary Comparsa Archers

24 September, 2017

The Comparsa Arquers, presented the logo of the 50th anniversary of its foundation, as well as the different celebrations programmed to celebrate the 50 years of the Comparsa. The logo was chosen by the Commission for the 50th anniversary of the company itself and was designed by the archer bastard Rafael Sanchis Belda. The logo retains the proportions and the main elements of the original image of the comparsa, which…


Rating Holiday 2017

  Once closed the Moro-Christian cycle of this year 2017, from the Governing Board of the Festeros Society of the Holy Christ of the Agony of Ontinyent we want to congratulate the Festeros Charges of 2017, representatives, public bodies, comparsas and all citizens for the magnificent development of the parties we have shared. Participation has been at all times correct and the progress of acts ordered and without notable incidents….

21 September, 2017