50th Anniversary Comparsa Archers

The Comparsa Arquers, presented the logo of the 50th anniversary of its foundation, as well as the different celebrations programmed to celebrate the 50 years of the Comparsa.

The logo was chosen by the Commission for the 50th anniversary of the company itself and was designed by the archer bastard Rafael Sanchis Belda.

The logo retains the proportions and the main elements of the original image of the comparsa, which refer to the archers, thus generating a link between the two.

It’s funny that his silhouette reminds a bit of a heart. This idea of ​​a heart that beats, is what gives the argument to the logo. It uses graphic resources such as superimposed colors and the expansion or contraction of number 50 recreating in this way the movements of the beats of a heart, representing all those who 50 years ago made possible the birth of this beautiful story and That we will all make it possible for this heart to continue beating to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

The presentation ceremony took place at the Salo de Actas of the Festers Society by Valen Bataller together with the President of the Comparative José Ramon Francés and the First Tro of the same, and had the presence of the President of the Society of Festers and members of the Governing Board, as well as Aquers, friends of the Archers and festers who wanted to be part of the first celebration of the 50th Anniversary of this comparsa.