The President

Vicent pla Vaello

The festeros and festeras have entrusted each and every one of us with an important task: to work for our Fiestas, for their present, but above all for their future. I am completely convinced that each one of us, from the place that corresponds to us, will leave the best of ourselves so as not to disappoint this important capital of trust, with responsibility and respect, regarding the institution, the place we occupy and above all, to the festeros and festeras.

I feel an enormous responsibility, a concrete and direct responsibility before all the festeros and partisans, who expect from their President and the government team more facts than words, more solutions than conflict and above all more hope.

We have to be aware of the difficulties, but also aware of what our task is. That is why it commits all my effort and all my capacity to continue strengthening the role of the Sociedad de Festeros as the main economic and social agent of Ontinyent.

The Party of Ontinyent has to be a model of how to achieve the growth and development of a socially cohesive and highly positioned entity, without conformism or defeat.

We can not think for a moment that everything is achieved, on the contrary, and much more in a globalized society where you have to be continuously adapting to new circumstances and demands. We must adapt the Fiesta in the 21st century, but always keeping our traditions, which have been invariable since its inception, as a sign of our own identity, and based on devotion to the Most Holy Christ of the Agony.

The greatest honor that a person can achieve is to place at the service of their community their commitment and effort with everyone, everyone and everyone, from the trust they give us. I will work to lead the collective project that is our Fiesta, and we will do it by listening to everyone and everyone, being together with the comparsas, their problems, and the festive ones. I am sure that our Morenet will guide us to take the Fiesta to its rightful place.

Vicent Pla Vaello