Embassies illustrated

The presentation of a story about the embassies of Moors and Christians took on Saturday September 23 the activities of the “Cervino Year” in Ontinyent. This is a new activity within the program organized by the Society of Festeros with the collaboration of the city council to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the author of the embassies, this time with a story included in the collection of children’s stories ” Cadireta de Boga “of the Social Work of Caixa Ontinyent.

The story about the “Embassies Illustrated”, aimed at children, was presented at 20:30 in the Cultural Center Caixa Ontinyent, with the animation of the educational team of Escoleta del Llombo. In the story is told through various illustrations the verses that Joaquín José Cervino wrote for the embassies that are represented during the Moors and Christians. The attendance was free and free.