The Festive Society of the Holy Christ of Agony of Ontinyent is the entity that collects the traditions deriving from the Patronage of the Holy Christ of Agony established in 1632. The Society looks out for its conservation, organizes, regulates and disciplines the Moorish and Christians Festivities in honour of the saint patron of the town held in August.

According to its statutes, the functions of the board are:

– The first and primary function having the Society’s Board is to organize the Moors and Christians of Ontinyent always agree with its statutes and other rules of inferior range to them that might exist.

– It takes care of calling ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies.

– The board has the power to decide admissions, exclusions and expulsions of members, always attending to its established guidelines.

– It is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the proper use of the properties of the Society.

– It determines the acquisition and/or alienation of the building of the Society.

– The board organizes and regulates the recreational games, newspapers and other distractions available to the members. Also of cultural, sporting and recreational activities and spectacles compatible with its objectives.

– The board manages the funds of the Society with the obligation to comply with the budget approved by the General Assembly of Members. It has an obligation to be accountable for administering them at the end of the year and before the aforementioned Assembly.

– It is empowered to interpret the statutes. It also looks for their faithful compliance, as the other rules of inferior range.

– The board can promote the revision or amendment of statutes affecting the Society, but these proposals must be submitted for approval by the Extraordinary General Assembly called for such purpose.

– In general, the board has assigned to all those functions or responsibilities not expressly belong to the General Assembly of Members.