Greets President

Dear Friends festive, again we prepare to celebrate Half year 2017 and we do it with the same enthusiasm and the same eagerness. The Board I chair that you want to convey a message of optimism, friendship and harmony among all those who form this great family fiesta.
This year will repeat the Medieval Market in February with the confidence that the success which had passed last year, thanks to the indispensable help of our City, which puts all human and financial resources necessary for the proper functioning of this event.
We will continue with a spectacular mix of culture, sports and party, such as painting and drawing competitions for children, as well as traditional concerts of bands in the city, in which are the positions this year and rounded some exciting football competitions, paddle tennis, chess, dominoes and bac, plus the gala dinner in the Company and the final parade, which will to fulfill this Mig Any Fester.
But perhaps the biggest challenge that we have, once completed these parties of six months be holding in Cervino starting on May 18 this year and ends on 17 May 2018, a period in which will deposit all the effort and all the enthusiasm to honor the memory of our eminent judge, writer and creator of the text of our Embassies, Joaquin José Cervino, pride of all festive.
Finally, I can only congratulate the captains, Javi and Cephas, the extras Fontanos and kábilas Ambassador Ignacio and Angela, bearers David and Mari Carmen of the groups Buccaneers and Berberiscos, First Thrones, preacher Medieval Market, Juanan Alcaraz, and heralds the holidays in 2017, Paloma Insa, by their appointments and that they will represent the image of the party in 2017, a festival that is once again the admiration of all those who have the luck to see and gaudir- the.
And now, friends and party revelers, receive a big hug my and the Board of Christmas and that God wants all go well, and that the kingdom of peace and harmony and joy be constant these days.
Long live the Holy Christ of Agony!