Greets capitan cristiano

It’s been half a year since we got to our “Morenet” to Santa Ana. The parties are excited again, the festive atmosphere begins to reborn and we begin to count the days that remain so that rumors and squads fill our streets with joy and celebration . Before arriving at the days marked in our calendars, we are left to enjoy this Mig Any, and live every act as it deserves, to record in our memories every second that we enjoy.
Since I was little, just since 1993, the dream of being a Christian captain got into my head. That year was the first that I went to the entrance and I lived my first captaincy Fontana. After 24 years, I’m halfway to that dream.
A dream that my father had before, and that today I can live on behalf of both, since I owe him my love for our holidays, a love shared with my brother, and that I try to transmit to my daughter.
A dream, which leads me to the responsibility of representing my comparsa in such an important year for us. A comparsa with a great history, and with unforgettable moments. The comrade who has seen me born; The Fontanos. With joy and enthusiasm, we have been working for a year and a half to come to a party that will surely be unforgettable for us.
A dream that gives me the option to meet new people and make new friends in the festive world.
A dream I gladly accepted all my family and friends; And not only did they accept it, but all of them have turned as if it were theirs, so I can only show them gratitude, and try to represent them as best I can in each and every one of the acts.
A dream, which is making me live unique moments and unite more to my wife, Mara, the person I love the most.
From these lines, which the Society of Festeros offers me, I can only wish you all to enjoy this Mig Any more than ever and to live our holidays as the first day.
A hug.