20 years of collaboration between the Society and the Festive Opera Ballet.

Festive Society of the Holy Christ of Agony Opera and Ballet Ontinyent celebrate 20 years of collaboration made, jointly Proclamation of the Moors and Christians in the city.

The first proclamation Festival Opera where he collaborated with festive was in 1997 with the Symphony of the Christian Moro Mestre Ferrero, who was a great success. Since that 1997 continues to be reissued each year this collaboration with a composition and a show made on purpose for that archive evening with plenty excited by both the dancers and the people who perform the assembly choreography.

On each occasion, the Company festive choose a composer to create a piece of music specifically for that speech with the theme of that year. This year is Victor Gil Calabuig commissioned to music, as always, will be the one who contributes Opera Ballet dance. Regarding the theme this year is linked to the life and work of J.J. Matterhorn, commemorating the 200th anniversary of his birth.

As for the anniversary, it is twice as that 2017 marks the 20th collaboration in the Proclamation and 10 draw ballet outside Spain.