Greetings Captain Moro

Consumed good part of this year so important for us, starts the “Mig Any” with what it means for the city of Ontinyent in general and for the morocristian world in particular. Ahead of another six intense months that will lead us to the Big Week, on a warm night of the last Friday in August. Without realizing it, someone will proclaim those magic words: “avant kábilas, avant”. At that moment, thousands of memories will pass through our mind, moments in which, short as they seem, we will remember all those loved ones who are no longer with us but who surely, from somewhere at least as wonderful as this, Will enjoy to the maximum of this dream, of that so special moment.
More than 30 years ago, fate wanted me to come back to where I am today, with a group of friends that I will always be grateful for.
Today, this same comparsa gives me the opportunity to hold the position of Moorish captain. An honor that, as I have said on different occasions, fills me with pride and happiness, while it is a huge responsibility. I am aware that 13 captaincies have already paraded since the birth of the party under the banner of our comparsa; 14 with ours. Antecedents that force us to be worthy successors of our elders and who deserve for our part a maximum effort and involvement. From these lines my total commitment, both with my comparsa and with the parties of Ontinyent.
That same fate has wanted me to share position with a fantastic group of people. An exciting, intense and sincere year that will make us bear in mind the values ​​that keep our parties alive: our coexistence, respect and equality, which are typical of our festive condition. A pleasant experience of which I also wish to make part of the comparsa that gave birth to me: the Buccaneers, the voice and teach of the Christian side for this year 2017. It was there, from my father’s hand and with my brothers, I learned great Part of what I am today and feel like festive.
This year, from the honor that holds the title of captain Moro 2017, I would like to invite you to share the Mig Any, a prelude to what will be an unforgettable holiday of Moors and Christians. A dream come true, a fantastic adventure that I would like to enjoy with all of you.
I do not want to say goodbye without reiterating my thanks to my team, who extend to my squad “Kabilets”, my family and especially my wife Sabela and my three children for the unconditional support, so necessary in this year’s captaincy.
A hug.