Ambassador Christian flag and salutes.

Half Year is approaching and during days the succession of events such as sports competitions, school competitions, the medieval market, concerts and of course, the parade and soparet with the band, we will remember all festive, party and people in general in Ontinyent, in the month of August, we celebrate a festival of Moors and Christians, of course, for all of us, are the largest, genuine and full of feeling.
We had talked about how it would be this year, we were going to live the party from within, we were going to meet a lot of people, but that in no way had imagined is that in such a short time chosen would a group as special first thunder and charges . For us this means will not be any year. Forever be grateful to our troupe, the Buccaneers for the opportunity that we have offered to hold the positions of Ambassador Christian flag. We hope to keep up the good work this masquerade and this be an unforgettable year for all its components.
We also take this opportunity to thank each and every member of our police “Hook” the enthusiasm with which, from the outset, been involved in this adventure. And, of course, our families. Would have been impossible without this path with their dedication, patience and understanding.
I want to wish you all, festers and festers, you spend a good half a year to enjoy the best of all acts and do not miss any opportunity to get together with friends and family, and living these moments with maximum intensity. This is what gives real meaning to our party.