Ambassador greets flag Moro

Here once there was a gang of girls, “Berber cradle”, which in 1990 began to go out to parties. That group, in a short time, was called “Rock The First”, and that they were the first women blackberries to leave our party. As you can imagine, this rock is ours, and it is the same as the 2015 celebrates its 25th anniversary. at that time, none of us as we went through two head this year could represent the position of ambassador and bearer. All this came on the holidays past, when, after a year late, the troupe has not yet had none who represent these positions. And as our head never stops thinking about the party, we saw that this could be a great opportunity not only for us but also for all the rock. in a few days, the news was accepted and supported by both our families and our rock and troupe, which, from the outset, we were given many tokens of affection and support.
A move us nowadays much the desire to work and prepare everything that surrounds our party, but also moves us a sense of brotherhood that, little by little, becoming larger. And our group charges (captains, ambassador and bearer first thunder) makes all this work be easy and at the same time, full of illusions.
We are in February, we are halfway between the parties 2017. The troupe is working at full capacity Be aware why everything ready in August. We have much work ahead, but we are convinced that these celebrations will mark a very special way in our lives.
Our greatest desire is to share with you (family, club, masquerade, friends, and festive town of Ontinyent) the desire to celebrate, and we are all participants in this year’s Embassy Berberiscos Moors.
Since we have just finished and, as always, we say to our rock:
And that is as true as the story is over.