Echappées Belles

The French public TV channel France 5 broadcast on Saturday 10 December the previous report on the preparations and organization of our Moors and Christians in the program Echappées Fine, whose images were recorded between Thursday 25 and Friday 26 August in our city, giving special attention to the actions of the Entrance Band Tickets and Moors and Christians.

It is a space of 90-minute weekly broadcast on this channel national schedule in “prime time” Saturday night, with an average audience of over one million viewers.

This report has allowed our party to be included in the roadmap displacement team Echapées Fine to record a special program dedicated to the Valencian Community.

From festive Society would like to thank the festive Bucanero Rafa Arcos, which accompany and explain acts Jérome Pitroin the presenter, the director Vicente Chaffard, and two technicians of the program.

Click here to view the program