Recognition Society festive to bet on energy saving

The City Ontinyent made a public recognition of the Society festive Holy Christ of Agony for its commitment to energy savings. The Councilor for Sustainability, accompanied by Councilman Jaime Patricia Folgueras Perez, gave a plaque to the President of the organization, José Rafael Sanchis, the change in LED technology executed at the Museum Fester executed with the help of the Provincial Council of Valencia.
This change has resulted in the total renovation of the Museum Fester lighting system and the first stage in the offices of the Society festive, until now illuminated with fluorescent and halogen light that changed technology LED. Besides improving lighting on all exposed elements, allowing eliminate ultraviolet and infrared emissions that could harm the costumes and works of art on display, the project total renovation of the Museum Fester allows light just get in the museum savings and greater than 70% savings in power consumption of 5422W, 9376W passing of the old installation to present 3954W.
Folgueras explained that “coinciding with the celebration of Earth Hour eldissabte March 25, we wanted to recognize the Society festive because of his commitment to LED technology is a role model in favor of energy saving” she says.