Saluda Capitán Cristiano Vicente Marrahí Guerrero

After long wait, and I see coming, I start to feel joy in the streets, music, festive atmosphere and, of course, the illusion of a parade: Smuggler.

So we only halfway, that will lead us to feel the excitement of our input. I remember a phrase once told me my friend Sergio, one that helps me a lot on hard momen¬tos, saying “I did not tell you that ca¬mino easy, but it will be worth it,” those are the words that motivate me and make me climb that illusion that I den¬tro to proudly represent nues¬tras Moors and Christian in a very special year for our troupe.

In the distance, six years ago, he started a dream I never imagined it could reali¬zar: one night, dinner, friends, an embassy of them “Carmens”, was the catalyst for everything. It was an end dinner party at the Embassy of 2010, of course, I got the last one, there began to be cooked all the friends started talking about the possibility of submit to Captain in 2016, I mentioned that to me would be a dream, but it was very complicated. That day, they managed to spark the illusion that I have, and I saw in that mo¬mento, with the support of my friends and my squad smuggling, could be performed. There was only one but the most important fal¬taba support and at the same time the most difficult and the most complicated, my wife Stephanie; cost thing, but as always, grateful to my friends because they got it, such is the empe¬ño who put that motivated her even more to accompany as well as office and presented as the com¬parsa Tro First, with the help of bandoliers and support of his squad Tempranillo.

Time and fate have drawn my way as festive, I always teni¬do, where I’ve been, the Con¬trabandista spirit, my father was already, I went and I and my brother was. Gra¬cias “Chinchi” for the opportunity you gave me to know our squad Smuggling and thus have the pleasure of enjoying, after many years, getting back in Contra¬bandista input all three together, it is now no longer a dream is becoming a reality.

I could not forget about it has been and will be “My Captain,” Alfredo Reig; grateful for the support, advice and enthusiasm that transmit me; is an honor and a pleasure reci¬bir your hands the baton as Captain.

After tell you how I got to this position I want to say that I already feel, desire and look impacien¬cia, while with nerviosis¬mo, the August holidays, the Friday 26, in which we enjoy in the streets of Ontinyent all the work, effort, sacrifice and responsibility of a com¬parsa, ours, that ontinyentins and visitors also enjoy our joy and pasodobles in the Inbox of the best parties of Moors and Christians.

Wrapped in so much hope and feeling, I want to sincerely thank all the people who have given me their support, their time and their complicity in our Smuggler Captaincy falls short of our Moors and Christians.

Uproot our Mig Any such espe¬cial as we know,
Avant, festers i festeres d’Ontinyent!