Saluda del Presidente de la Sociedad de Festeros del Santísimo Cristo de la Agonia

Dear friends festive, begin a new exercise and foster new and we start again • dreams and new goals to fulfill in this society in 2016. It presented the protagonists of these festivities and also take the opportunity to attend events organized by the Society every year.

In difficult times such as those we live, I want to convey a message of hope and renewed confidence in our intentions to work together on this project which is our common celebration of Moors and Christians, demonstration civic and cultural fiesta that approaches and unites us all and all that archive and contagious joy then when people see and agree on any action that is performed during the Half Year.

The Board greatly appreciates the co-operation and support • we have found in the festive, through the groups in what we need and could really, we feel very, very proud of all parties and festive Ontinyent. This gives us more strength and desire to continue this work so important and rewarding, as it is Ensure, manage and organize our beloved celebrations in honor of the Holy Christ of Agony which hopefully soon we return to the chapel of Santa Ana where once HAS completed its restoration can be viewed and beg.

I can only congratulate the positions this year: José Vicente Galiana Marrah and captains; Jose Vizcaino Francisco Micó and ambassadors; Mª Carmen and Jorge Martí Martínez, bearers; and all First Thunder; as well as the heralds of this year, Isabel Penadés; the occupational center, which will prepare our lineup of Parties, the Director of the march Chimo Jesus Barbera; the director of the music of speech, Francesc Nadal; Medieval Market and the preacher and the Moors and Christians, Sergio Pomar; all the protagonists of these celebrations we’re already enjoying leisure and sports competitions for these dates will already have started. Congratulations and a big hug to all and to all.

What happens Means a good year full of celebration and harmony among revelers.