Saluda del Embajador y Abanderado Cristiano (Marineros)

Has arrived in February and so, almost without noticing us know, we gathered in the middle of the road. Six months ago the Black Madonna returned to the hermitage of Santa Ana, marking the end of a festive year and the beginning of another one year for us and for our troupe is still very special.

It seems the other day we decided to join our family with our festive tradition to become the bearers of the Word and the teaching of Christian and represent our troupe, the Mariners, at parties 2016.

During these months, we have immersed in a world that was unknown to us, but that has captivated us. We have known the party from a different perspective and we have become part of a group of charges in a jiffy, has become a small family, which we all do our best to one objective; to celebrate and be festive in our day. From here, we want to thank you all for your welcome and your affection.

And, of course, we also submerged in the preparation of a draft drawn troupe from the enthusiasm and desire. They have been months of meetings, ideas, events and work to prepare the celebrations of 2016 and to ensure that, in late August, a parade through the streets of Ontinyent embassy seafood worthy of our parties and verses Matterhorn, recited the Town Hall Square, we òmpliguen all emotion.

The current time and the arrival of Half Year makes us think, and it’s been six months, we are only six months because the magic of our festivals returns to invade a peaceful village nestled in the rush of winter. We are convinced that six months will be intense preparations in which the embassy will be our focus much of our lives.

But now it is time to stop and enjoy a small Middle Year. Ontinyent filled for a few days holiday: sports competitions, competitions for children, concerts, lunches and dinners of brotherhood, parades to the sound of Christian marches, marches and paso blackberries. It’s time to forget the routine and remind our people that it is less because of the Moors and Christians festival returns on our streets since 2016 festivals are getting closer.

We do not want to end without giving you thank all those who have been, and are, for sure, you’re on our side helping us, advising us and supporting us. The troupe Mariners, who have placed their trust in us; the squad Back and Forward, of which we are proud to be part and, of course, to our family. Without you none of this would be possible.

Hopefully this Half Year be the prelude of a special parties that remain forever in the memory of all. For us, they surely will.

Avant, Mariners! Avant, Embassy Christian 2016!