Society Festeros close ties to Santa Cruz Chegança

IMG-20150930-WA0001On Saturday September 26th, the Society of Ontinyent Festeros was visited by a representation of the “Santa Cruz Chegança” Iabaiana state of Sergipe in Brazil and led Giselma Meneses who, on behalf of the Rio de Janeiro association, wine to meet with our President Rafael Sanchis. The reason was to remember this association’s participation in the First Congress of Embassies held in our city in 2010 and to exchange views and experiences on our Moors and Christians.

The meeting began with a visit to Festero Museum where, Rafael Toro as director, showed the audience the entire installation and especially the Congress dedicated to the memory of embassies where visitor participation is obvious. Later on, from the boardroom to the Company a debate in which the functioning and evolution of our Christian Moor said party was held, not only in what refers to embassies, but also to all acts that are developed. They involved both attendees and Juan Antonio Alcaraz, who has the same boardroom and together with our President, held a video-conference with the Brazilian state. There was time to share concerns and experiences among the participants of the symposium that brought the two associations saving thousands of kilometers thanks to technology, but the clasp came when from the other side of the ocean a short concert of a band of offered Iabaiana the town where traditional music of Brazil was collected as much as a pasodoble. The performance ended with the interpretation of the march arrears Chimo teacher Jose Maria Ferrero.

At the end of the day, Giselma named Rafael Sanchis Meneses, President of the Society Festeros, officially open the “Bienal do Livro 2015” on the 14th of October. This event will be held from the headquarters of the company and through video-conference. Note that this is the most anticipated and prestigious event has Itabaiana population and celebrating with special affection every two years. Being the presenter in this event, it is an honor and, this time, will be from our city and voice of our president who initiated this biennial book. In the exhibition will also be represented our Moors and Christians, because over there they have submitted programs Parties the last four years, as well as many posters and magazines that are published.

This meeting ended with the satisfaction of each and every one of the participants making the bond created from Congress in 2010, is getting stronger and that events like this make the Moors and Christians in our city and open borders grow to expand every day.