Rating Moors and Christians Fiestas 2015

After closing the Moro-Christian cycle of the year 2015 from the Board of Governors of the Society of Ontinyent Festeros we want to congratulate the 2015 charges, representatives, public statements, Troupes and all citizens for the great development of the parties we shared.

Participation has been all right time and progress of ordained acts without notable incident. So much so that on Friday schedules each of the entries closing the Comparsa Cides at 21:04 (five minutes ahead of schedule) and the Comparsa Mossarabs at 01:49, as he was set they were met.

The public response, always positive, has record numbers of acts of Christian and Mora Tickets, as well as the input of Bands Thursday, where Pilar Vañó addressed the more than 1,000 participants and musicians to more 5,000 people attended the event to enjoy the interpretation of the march arrears Chimo, being the director, the first woman to raise the baton in this event so significant in our city.

If we speak of objective data, in this 2015 include a rise in participation in festive events. If the previous year were 56 teams and 94 Christian Moras in this have been 60 on the Christian side and 99 on the Moor. But the most significant fact is that since the beginning of the crisis, the 2015 was the first year where the number of members has grown to more than 50 new high in older partners, a good indicator to see that you start a recovery period of several years where the number of revelers was reduced.

From now Festeros Society begins a new cycle with projects that will be aimed at consolidating and reaffirming that the Moors and Christians in our city is a reference both in our region and in our country and more so, boost our name internationally, it is one of the purposes of the boards that have been in charge of the Society of Festeros and keep as standard over the next year.