Festeros Society in the “Bienal do livro” in Itabaiana.

Festeros Society was the night of October 14th stage of the video conference that launched the “III Bienal do livro” population of Itabaiana in the Brazilian state of Sergipe. During the visit weeks ago hosted at the same venue a representation of Chegança Santa Cruz from this population, we instructed our society that this year would start to this event which, every two years, brings together the people of this state becoming one of the most important and most relevant. The event was attended by managers and governing board of the Society of Festeros and despite the time of its completion, because of the time difference between the two populations and the proper development of events and made it necessary.

It was President Rafael Sanchis Vicedo, responsible for transmitting words a brief speech in which he stressed the link party in both populations, Ontinyent and Itabaiana have and that took hold in 2010 during the meeting of Embassies which held our the city and the Santa Cruz Chegança participated represented their form and way of understanding the Moro-Christian party. In the speech the form and manner in which our party develops also highlighted.

In this edition, the biennial also includes the participation of the Society for there Ontinyent Festeros of books, posters and other material representing our parties are exposed.IMG_20151015_010034