Salute from the Moor Captain, Laura Gramage Castelló (Benimerins)

Days of festivities come, days to enjoy with the “comparsa”. Only six months are left for everyone will enjoy all the work doing during this year and a half since I embarked on this wonderful adventure.

Since I was a child, I have had this dream: being the third generation of my family that represents the maximum Moorish and my “comparsa” charge. After my grandfather was Moorish Captain in 1957 and my father in 2003, this dream I ever had almost caressing with my fingertips, now, at last, I can say that this dream is becoming a reality.

For me, it a pride to represent my “comparsa”, the “benimerins”, this year full of illusions and festive feeling. Thank you for the support that my parents, family and friends are given to me, I am sure year 2015 will be unforgettable. Furthermore, it is a pleasure to share positions and responsibilities with my cousin Àngela, “primer tro” of our “comparsa”. It is in these moments when the motivation grows and reaches forward to the next step intensify to prepare more and better things to help my “benimerí” family and, above all, my group –La Babutxa– to enjoy this year.

We have been preparing festivities half a year and we have another half year to carry on preparing festivities. The final stretch is coming, but the best is to come yet. With all my heart I desire that, during these months, enthusiasm and the desire to enjoy the festivities intensify within each and every festive member of Ontinyent. I hope that the result of all the effort and the work we are doing will become positive and will fill us a great satisfaction.

Between emotions and feelings, I want to thank all the people who spend their time helping, collaborating and participating to make this dream is coming true. Thank you for all the support I am getting from all of you. This “Mig Any” 2015 certainly gives us good memories, in the same way that all this wonderful year we are experiencing. Together we are one town, friends, festive members, “comparsa”, musicians and feast!