Salute from the Moor Ambassador and Flag Bearer (Mossàrabs)

Ignacio Bordera Ferrero, Moorish Ambassador, and José Pedro Jordá Pla, Moorish Flag Bearer

The first big date marked in red on the festive calendar of this 2015 has arrived. “Mig Any” has already arrived! The streets return to fill with festive members, music and joy; the cold is changed by parades, marches and various events that held throughout February.

It has been six months since the rise of “Morenet”, this moment marked the beginning of the new festive year. Six months in which we have had the opportunity to meet the other charges and all “primers trons” of the twenty-four “comparsas”. Six months in which we said goodbye to a board that left our feast at a great state and welcoming another one that certainly carries on in the same way. Six months of preparation, meetings, ideas and projects. Six months, ultimately, of work and acts to prepare the festivities 2015, a year in which the “Mossàrabs” proudly carry the Moorish flag and represent the texts written by Cervino on Parliament Day.

Therefore, the “Mig Any” is a stop on the way. This stop reminds us that Ontinyent festivities have no place in a single week in August; they represent the work of an entire year. A special date when we meet again with friends, partners and festive members around the table, sharing with our neighbour parades, joy and festive music. The “Mig Any” is the prelude to what lies ahead: other six months of work, dedication and hours for us to share our enthusiasm and our desire to celebrate festivities with everybody and for everybody.

We don’t want to finish without thanking, once again, to our squad –“Xeus”– and our “comparsa” –“Mossàrabs”– the support that they provide us every day. Without all of them, our charge does not make sense, our dream would not be the same and the festivities might not be all that will become reality throughout 2015, undoubtedly.

At this point, we can only say… start to sound the music band! Start the “Mig Any”!

Cheer up “Xeus”! Cheer up “Mossàrabs”! Cheer up Embassies 2015!