Salute from the Christian Ambassador and Flag Bearer (Cides)

Raül Albuixech Gandia, Christian Ambassador, and Amadeo Juan Galbis, Christian Flag Bearer.

Time flies. Behind left behind the secrecy of those meetings in which the two professed our desire: being a charge, taking a step further and becoming an active part of the history of the festivities, leaving our mark on the world of Moors and Christians Ontinyent.

With a good impression, we remind the statement of our candidacy for our two families –blood and festive– and remembering our warm accepted by all of them causes us a tender smile. The gratitude for the support joined to our sense of illusion. A step above this base as solid, on which to start building our exciting history, are our friends, our squadron, the members of this exciting adventure: thank you very much.

We have covered half of this path in which every turn has made us delight with an event, if anything, even more exciting than the last. We hared off strongly, accepted under this protection arrived at the equinox of our way: the festive “Mig Any”.

The excitement and pride that give us represent the Christians parliament and teach give us strength to move forward and we together will see the fruits of all that has planted this feeling, hope and sacrifice.

We want to thank all those who have placed their trust in us, those people who have been behind us helping, advising and supporting us; although some troubles, they have always been at our side helping us at all. Family, friends and especially the “comparsa”, for their support and confidence in this work.

Although we still have a long way and work to do, we will work hard so that our hard work is reflected in the streets and be a decent job of this feast, the feast of our town. We are confident that with the cooperation of all the people around us and the entire “comparsa” will succeed.

We hope this “Mig Any” was very special for everyone and always remember it. We are sure we do!

Health and party.