Salute from Christian Captain, María Peiró González (Cruzados)

So far and yet so close… this contradiction is just the feeling of an emotion. The desire to enjoy the Moors and Christians 2015 makes me wish that time go faster while I contradict myself thinking that soon the festivities will be passed and part of my memories. I would like to win this battle to the time but February reminds us that 2015 festivities are very close.

The time and fate have joined: my father wrote these lines as a Christian Captain of 2003, twelve years ago, and now I take his place. This is a consequence when you are born into a festive family which teaches you to love, understand and respect the tradition of the town. Added to this, I am fortunate to have been grown as a festivity member in the great family of the Cruzados “comparsa”. I am deeply supported by them and my squad “La Podà”.

The town of Ontinyent makes a break in the monotony of everyday life to return to the streets and march to the sound of “pasodoble” and Moorish and Christian marches, sharing table and festive gathering with friends, participating in various contests, delighting with the festive music concerts and, definitely, leaving for a few hours the routine and reminding Ontinyent that our streets will become festive and the Moors and Christians 2015 will be a reality within just six months.

Time is short; the Cruzados “comparsa” is working to offer Ontinyent and visitors what they expect from us. Personally, I take the challenge of being captain with pride and responsibility, doing everything possible so the next festivities will be joyful and we’ll spend good moments together.

Festive members and neighbours from Ontinyent, I wish “Mig Any” to be the prelude of a feast that will remain forever in your memory. Come out to the street and pass the desire to celebrate the festivities on. Enjoy and make others enjoy, that way we will reach our purpose: this “Mig Any” to became memorable.