Misa de Dobla Purísima

The Society of Festive of the Santísimo Christ of the Agony, headed by its president and accompanied by the positions of 2019 have participated in one of the emblematic acts that mark the calendar of the Patron Saint Festivities dedicated to the Puríssima Concepción, such as the Misa de Dobla in honor of the excellent canonical patron saint of Ontinyent.

At the end of the ceremony, the offices of the Moors and Christians of 2019 were presented with a badge with the image of the Patroness of Ontinyent as well as the new president of the Society of Festeros, D.Vicente Plan Vaello.

To conclude this day and thus ending the festivities of the Puríssima Concepción 2018, the charges of the festivities of Moors and Christians of 2019 and the governing board of the Society of Festeros headed by its president, participated in the transfer of the image of the Puríssima from the high altar to the Chapel, with a tour of the streets of the neighborhood of La Vila.

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