Aguinaldo de la Purísima

On Saturday, December 15, the president of the Sociedad de Festeros along with the 2019 positions received the retinue of the Aguinaldo de la Purísima.

As is already tradition, D. Juan Melchor Seguí Sarrió asked the president of the Society of Festeros: “Songs or Responses?” To which he responded: “Songs, for the joy that supposes
to receive here, in the Society of Festeros, La Purísima Concepción. Responses, for the deceased festeros that have left us ”

After the interventions of the President of the Society of Festeros, the president of the Association of Feasts of the Immaculate and the parish-pebble of Santa Maria gave way to prayers and with
Later “Els Angelets” sang the traditional song of the Aguinaldo.

To finalize the act the captains, flaggers and ambassadors of the parties of 2019 proceeded to the distribution of a small gift to each one of the sixteen “Angelets”.

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