Well of Cultural Interest

23 March, 2018

In 2011, the Society of Festeros, at that time chaired by Rafael Ferrero Terol, filed an application with the Conselleria de Cultura for two of the most emblematic events of the Moors and Christians Festival of Ontinyent, the Baixà del Santísimo Cristo of the Agony and the Embassies, were declared of Cultural Interest (BIC). The request remained paralyzed in the offices of the conselleria for a few years, which coincided…


Suite Al’ariba

16 March, 2018

On Saturday, March 10, several members of the governing body of the Society of Festivals of the Holy Christ of Agony moved to the Calderon de Alcoi Theater to attend the premiere of the “Suite Al ‘ ariba “, designed by Saül Gómez i Soler in Ontinyent, to musicalize the Mora Inlet of the Alcoi Moors. Suite Al’aibar comprises all the music written specifically for the Captaincy of the Green…