Suite Al’ariba

On Saturday, March 10, several members of the governing body of the Society of Festivals of the Holy Christ of Agony moved to the Calderon de Alcoi Theater to attend the premiere of the “Suite Al ‘ ariba “, designed by Saül Gómez i Soler in Ontinyent, to musicalize the Mora Inlet of the Alcoi Moors.

Suite Al’aibar comprises all the music written specifically for the Captaincy of the Green Thing 2018, headed by Jorge Vaquer. It is a work behind which there are 13 pieces that go from symphonic orchestra to symphonic band, going through music for dolçaines, dolçaines and metals, metals or percussion soloists.

The concert organized by Capella Mora 2018 of the Filà Verds, also had a solidarity purpose, the amount of the tickets was to the benefit of the Association of Relatives and Friends of Alzheimer’s Patients of Alcoy and Comarca.
Our most sincere congratulations to Saúl Gómez, for this wonderful work.