Recovery costumes Moorish seafood

The Government Board of the Society of Festivals has recovered two costumes from the Comparsa Moros Marinos de Ontinyent dating from the beginning of the 20th century. These dresses were found in the archive of the Association of Celebrations of Moors and Christians of the Mother of God of the Abandoned of Muro de Alcoy.

According to the chronicles of the Muro de Alcoi Festival, these pieces were accompanied by other objects in a donation that, many years ago, a family from Ontinyent and later moved to Muro.

The donation received by the Museu Fester d’Ontinyent consists of two blue bombas, two red blouses with an embroidered seamstress, red fox pants and hat with the star and the half moon, the main elements of the traditional Ottoman air suit a comparsa of the oldest of our celebrations, born in 1865.

Apparently the state they present is good, they are not very punished for the manipulation and the passage of time due to the conditions in which they have been deposited. From the Fester Museum, the entire recovery process will be developed and the fabrics will be developed based on a thorough cleaning process, at the hands of specialized personnel, which turns the intensity to the original colors, before being exposed in the facilities.

These dresses now form part of the Fund of the Fester de Ontinyent Museum, whose main purpose is to recover and preserve our heritage.