Presentation Logo Charges 2018

On Friday, November 10th. The presentation of the allegorical logos that will accompany the comparsas in charge of 2018 during this exciting year are waiting for them in the Hall of Events of the Festival of Festivals full of gom. Undoubtedly the starting point of a fester calendar that will end in August, during the great week of our Fiestas. One by one, the images that represent this year were discovered in the hands of the previously explained and accompanied by an audiovisual.
The Almogàvers logo was presented by Captain Manuel Penadés and is the work of Almogavar Alberto Revert, Captain Moro Quique Galbis revealed his emblem for this year in which the Spanish Moors held the captaincy, the work of Juan Climent . Juan Alonso and Susana Calabuig, Ambassador and Christian Banderera discovered the logo made by the festers of the Estudiars Rafa Torro and Susana Calabuig students. Regarding the Moros Marinos comparsa Ambassador Moro, Miguel Angel Fita, together with the Banderer, Gonzalo Revert, discovered the image that Juan Angla has produced for the occasion.