Pregoner Medieval Market 2018

The Municipality of Ontinyent, at the proposal of the Society of Festivals, has proceeded to appoint Pioneer of the Medieval Market that will take place during the Half Year Fester 2018 to Vicente Esparza. The proposal was announced at the meeting of the Board of Governors of the Society of Festers last Friday.
Vicente Eugenio Esparza Mollá was born in Ontinyent on July 13, 1955, in Plaza de Bajo number 17, in the heart of a festive family. Since November 1961, however, he has been raised in Almaig.
The first contact with the school is at La Milagrosa school. In 1961 the course begins at the Almi academy: completed primary education and baccalaureate, it is examined at the Albaida Institute. He continues the studies of installing officer in San Juan Bosco and finishes the one of technical specialist in electricity and electronics in Villena.
At the age of fifteen he works at the family business of his father, at Batanet. At the age of six he went to work in the company Soviber, until 1986. Since January 7, 1987 he is part of the municipal staff, where he currently occupies the lighting commissioning place.
Among his hobbies, mainly the theater: from the age of 16 he has interpreted several papers in the Bethlehem of Nicolau at the “Childhood” and at the Santa Maria Parish Center. He belonged to the theater group “Arte y Recreo”, under the direction of Josep Maria Ortolà.
Llumener de Sant Antoni since 2000, he was targeted at this association for his mother, which was a holiday party. But his true commitment to the party begins in 2010, the year in which he was fester. In addition, 2012 was a crier. Association where he continues to be a collaborator.
At five years, he went to the brotherhood of the Holy Sepulcher and participated in the procession of the Holy Soterrament. In 2013 he was the forefather of Ontinyent Easter. Hui is still confronting the Holy Sepulcher, where he will participate this year in the preparation of the 11th Meeting of the Holy Sepulcher.
The Moros i Cristians celebrations, another of its passions. He begins to leave with his father’s father in the Smugglers, until he reaches 17, where he will be integrated with his friends in the Moros Marinos comparsa, in which he has held various positions. In 1982, he was part of the Managing Board of the Blessed Christ of Agony, and in addition he held the position of the first thunder, year of change in the departure of the Entrance to Daniel Gil. It is part two times in the adaptation of the Statutes of the Society of Festivals approved in 1985 and in the year 2000. It was the adalil in the remembrance of the Night of the River in the years 2010 and 2011.
This year his comparsa has the posts of ambassador and banderer.