Designer Poster Festes 2018

The Municipality of Ontinyent, at the proposal of the Society of Festivals, has commissioned the poster of the Celebrations of Moors and Christians of 2018 to the local designer Rafa Torró.

The Fossar Mossàrab, Rafa Torró Ferrero, was born in Ontinyent on October 20, 1962. He is currently working in the design department of a textile company in Alava. It is Moro Marino since its birth, since his father belonged to this comparsa. In 1971, at 9 years old, he enrolled with his father in the Mossàrabs group, which he currently belongs to. Also, since 2015, he is part of the Board of the Society of Festivals of the Holy Christ of the ‘Agony as Director of the Fester Museum.

In these years, Rafa participates in poster competitions, especially festive themes and has won several awards in different locations. We list some of the first classified ones: L’Olleria in 1990, 1991, 1997 and 1997; Albaida in 1989 and 1992; Agullent in 2006 and 2008; Alfarrassí in 2008, etc. In 2008, it is selected by the exhibition Los cien mejores carteles de San Fermín 2008 among more than 540 participants.

In Ontinyent, he won the poster competitions in 1984 and 1996, posters present in the Festers Society. He also dedicates himself to painting and sculpture mainly in relation to the party. Some of these works are included in the Festers Society and the Fester Museum, together with others from his father, Rafael Torró Abad. In addition, he has designed dress and gowns for various positions.

In 2010 he carried out a series numbered and limited of the 150th anniversary of the official sculpture of the Moors and Christians party in Ontinyent. He also produced the official sculpture of the First Congress of Embassies and Ambassadors of the Moors and Christians Festival, which was distributed to all attendees around the world.