Saluda del Presidente de la Sociedad de Festeros del Santísimo Cristo de la Agonia

Dear friends festive, begin a new exercise and foster new and we start again • dreams and new goals to fulfill in this society in 2016. It presented the protagonists of these festivities and also take the opportunity to attend events organized by the Society every year. In difficult times such as those we live, I want to convey a message of hope and renewed confidence in our intentions to…


Saluda Capitán Cristiano Vicente Marrahí Guerrero

After long wait, and I see coming, I start to feel joy in the streets, music, festive atmosphere and, of course, the illusion of a parade: Smuggler. So we only halfway, that will lead us to feel the excitement of our input. I remember a phrase once told me my friend Sergio, one that helps me a lot on hard momen¬tos, saying “I did not tell you that ca¬mino easy,…

Ambaixador i Banderer Cristià

Saluda del Embajador y Abanderado Cristiano (Marineros)

Has arrived in February and so, almost without noticing us know, we gathered in the middle of the road. Six months ago the Black Madonna returned to the hermitage of Santa Ana, marking the end of a festive year and the beginning of another one year for us and for our troupe is still very special. It seems the other day we decided to join our family with our festive…


Saluda Capitán Moro José Galiana Borredá

Once past the holidays, in which emerge feelings, and where reforza¬mos relations and seek the aná¬lisis and conclusions lived a year, also come times when, well accommodated in the heat hogare¬ño, close your eyes and stay medi¬tando, that is asleep and dreaming. You begin to see the Plaça de Baix in full summer months to atarde¬cer, sitting with friends Prawn and in the middle of the table snacks. At the…

Ambaixador i Banderer Moro

Saludo del Embajador y el Abanderado Moros (Taifas)

Countdown to a year full of emotions and feelings. Recor¬dem pleasantly the day we said, both our families as the squad’s decision to introduce ourselves as ambassador and bearer and we get instant support from them. Recal¬car also want the affection of the entire troupe Taif and the help we are giving con¬tínuament. They are six months to live to be, personally, a festival so special for us and for…


Ordinary General Assembly

Hereby the General Assembly convenes on Sunday November 29, 2015 in the auditorium of the Society Festeros at 11.00 h. on first call and at 11.30 h. second and with the following agenda: 1- Reading and approval, if applicable, the minutes of the previous session. 2 Report of the President. 3- Dación of accounts for 2014-2015 and approval, if applicable. 4- Approval, if appropriate, the budget for 2015-2016. 5- Any…

Bienal foto

Festeros Society in the “Bienal do livro” in Itabaiana.

Festeros Society was the night of October 14th stage of the video conference that launched the “III Bienal do livro” population of Itabaiana in the Brazilian state of Sergipe. During the visit weeks ago hosted at the same venue a representation of Chegança Santa Cruz from this population, we instructed our society that this year would start to this event which, every two years, brings together the people of this…


Society Festeros close ties to Santa Cruz Chegança

On Saturday September 26th, the Society of Ontinyent Festeros was visited by a representation of the “Santa Cruz Chegança” Iabaiana state of Sergipe in Brazil and led Giselma Meneses who, on behalf of the Rio de Janeiro association, wine to meet with our President Rafael Sanchis. The reason was to remember this association’s participation in the First Congress of Embassies held in our city in 2010 and to exchange views…


Rating Moors and Christians Fiestas 2015

After closing the Moro-Christian cycle of the year 2015 from the Board of Governors of the Society of Ontinyent Festeros we want to congratulate the 2015 charges, representatives, public statements, Troupes and all citizens for the great development of the parties we shared. Participation has been all right time and progress of ordained acts without notable incident. So much so that on Friday schedules each of the entries closing the…