Reporteros graficos

Graphic media protocol Fiestas 2022

The Festival belongs to the people and to the people, so they present the basis for regulating the work of graphic media during the events of the Festival of Moors and Christians in Ontinyent. Being clear that there is the right to information, we have to put the common eye on mutual respect between people. If the public cannot enjoy the show that is offered, if the party cannot participate…


The Society of Festeros reminds of the importance of obtaining or renewing the muzzle-loading firearms licence

The Society of Festeros reminds of the importance of obtaining or renewing the muzzle-loading firearms licence in order to be able to shoot All those festeros and festeras who in 2017, with the implementation of the new Explosives Regulations, obtained the muzzle-loading firearms licence to shoot during the Moors and Christians fiestas will have to renew the permit, as the title is valid for five years. According to the state…


Gunpowder course

On the 3rd of April a gunpowder course will be held in the auditorium of the Societat de Festers. Registration should be made through the comparsa or directly to the Societat de Festers ( Please remember that this training day is for those who have not done it before


Conference “Festivity, Sport and Motivation” by David Meca

Next Saturday 5th February, coinciding with the start of the Mig Any Fester events, the conference “Festivity, Sport and Motivation” will be given by the 8 times world champion David Meca It is difficult to get used to the fact that everything revolves around the pandemic that has disrupted our lives, both individual and social, where any project and initiative is conditioned, so the Societat de Festers has organized this…


Presentación del libro “La última corona”

On Friday 11 February 2022, at 19:30, the book presentation of the book “La última corona“ written by Ricardo J. Montés. It will be held at the Centre Cultural Caixa Ontinyent located at C/Gomis, 3 in Ontinyent. The event will be presented by the president of the Societat de Festers del Santíssim Crist de la Agonia, Vicente Pla Vaello.

Susana Sanz Caballero

Town crier Festivities 2022

Susana Sanz Caballero The Governing Board of the Society of Festeros, at the proposal of its president, has appointed Susana Sanz Caballero, professor of International Public Law at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia, as the Town Crier for the Moors and Christians festivities of 2022. Susana Sanz was appointed by the Ministry of Justice as an ad hoc judge of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), based…


Bidding Bar-Cafeteria-Restaurant

ANUNCIO: The Society of Festeros del Santísimo Cristo de la Agonía of Ontinyent intends to maintain the service of Bar-Cafeteria-Restaurant, so it plans to tender its award. Through the following link you can download the document with the specifications that will govern the awarding of the concession. << Click here to download the document >>