Health Councilor Meeting

The president of the Society of Festivals, together with representatives of the Moors and Christians of Alcoy, Villena and Elda, held a telematic meeting with the Minister of Health of the Generalitat, Ana Barceló, which analyzed the current situation and the possible forecast for the celebration of the festivities.

According to Vicent Pla Vaello, the counselor told them that the “situation is complicated” although the Valencian Community “is better than other communities” and explained that “while the situation does not improve there will be no parties,” something that both the president of the Society of Festeros and the other representatives of the party were already aware, but at the same time stresses the importance of “maintaining the illusion”.

The councilor said on several occasions that the Moors and Christians are much more responsible than other parties, perhaps because we have a very clear culture of how they are and how to participate in them, so we have very clear how we celebrate, as we have to celebrate and that is what happens if we make a call effect.

We are a street festival, of concentration of many people, of movement and continuous activity, where the streets in which we celebrate the festival are not always wide enough.

We are a Festival of attraction not only for visitors from neighboring towns but also from other parts of the country, who come to visit us and concentrate on sidewalks to enjoy the show we have prepared. Nor can we put borders in a party as important as ours, we can not forbid anyone to come to see our party, or limit their participation in the events to the members themselves.

On the other hand, the droplets that are produced by the wind instruments of the music bands and that remain in suspension for a while, as also happens with the choirs, are elements of contagion that must be avoided. And our celebration cannot be celebrated without an essential element such as music.

As far as we are concerned, we have told her that we are all sufficiently aware, responsible and prudent and, to our regret, we do not see a festival where we have to parade with masks.

The counselor repeatedly told us that neither she nor we could not generate expectations that we can hardly be fulfilled, because if they meet the cancellations and an investment has been made, the disappointment and disillusionment is greater.

It is foreseen that “after Christmas we will meet again”, explains the president, who adds that “at this moment maybe we will be able to make a decision”.

Finally, in the meeting held special emphasis was placed on the necessary “individual responsibility” to avoid outbreaks that could cause a major problem by Covid-19 in the Valencian Community, so it appeals to compliance with the measures, among which is to avoid social gatherings of a large number of people and parties.