The Periòdic d’Ontinyent donates a collection of La Fiesta supplements to the Festeros Society

The President of the Festeros Society, Vicente Pla Vaello, has received from Vicente Soriano Mateo, manager of the Ontinyent Communication Projects company, the publishing company of El Periódico de Ontinyent, a complete collection of the extraordinary supplements edited by the local newspaper from 1996 dedicated to the Moors and Christians of Ontinyent.

The delivery has been carried out in the boardroom of the Festeros Society and the director of El Periódico de Ontinyent, Santiago Sanchis, has also been present.

The local capital has become the longest in time and publications in the history of the city of Ontinyent. For more than 23 years, it appears on time to the kiosks and bookstores of the city every Saturday, exceeding 1,200 editions. Every year, in the month of August and on the occasion of the Big Week, jointly and inseparably edit an extraordinary supplement dedicated to La Fiesta with interviews, reports and articles of collaborators that offer different points of view and perspectives of our Moors and Christians explained the president of the Festeros Society, Vicente Pla, “this collection follows the line of donations that have been made recently and that contribute to enrich the documentary funds of our Archive. This is a documentation that helps us understand the recent history of our most emblematic party, its changes and its evolution, as well as the protagonists that year after year have made it possible for a quarter of a century. “

For his part, the manager of the publishing company of the city’s dean newspaper, Vicente Soriano, added that “our will has always been to collaborate with the culture, traditions and festivities of the city we serve. Our history has published special editions, collectable and many initiatives related to the Moro-Christian party. Now we donate a complete collection of our party supplements and keep the idea of ​​continuing to help the institution in everything in our power.