Canvi data Publicació de Festes

The act moves with full consensus just one month before: June 29

The governing board of the Ontinyent Festeros Society, under the chairmanship of Vicent Pla Vaello, has put forward its first major proposal. In addition, it has done so with the unanimity of the 24 comparsas, who have given their full support to the change of the publication date. This year will move to June 29.

The idea, proposed by the presidency of Vicent Pla Vaello, tried to advance the date of the publication arguing several reasons. First, the historical precedents, since from the beginning of the 20th century until the 60s the act was framed around June 29, the feast of Sant Pere; second, the strong heat, exposed with data from the Observatory of the Convent that made it clear that, as of June, temperatures hardly exceed 25 degrees; third, positively affects the time that can be devoted to the promotion of the party, either by the presentation of the poster, such as the holiday book and the video that, in short, try to advertise the events; and fourth, now the date will coincide with the first comparsa dinner, established for the last weekend of the month of June.
Vicent Pla Vaello, president of the Society of Festeros: “We were very clear, and we already said it before the elections, that we had to give an impulse to the act of Publication, because it is the cry of the Party, the beginning of the acts and involves opening the whole city to the party spirit. This was an important change, and we wanted that, if it was approved, it would be with more than 80% of the vote in favor of the comparsas. The joy has been that there has been unanimity. This is the result of the consensus that we have managed to generate “.

It should be noted that this proposal has been taken forward when it has not been 100 days since the new team of the Sociedad de Festeros is in charge. According to the president of the entity “this is a very important measure and already in the decalogue of the proposals that I presented in my candidacy was precisely to give a boost to the publication, because we had detected that the act had declined in recent years. It was a proposal that we have studied a lot. We are at a point of continuous growth and generational change, and all this implies evolution and provide solutions to the different issues that we are detecting. Trying it was better than doing nothing. ”

“The most important is that the Society of Festeros may promote the party with more time, with the holiday book, the promotional video, the poster. It will not be just the 15 days we had until now. “