Promotional Video 2019

The City of Ontinyent, on the proposal of the Society of Festeros, has commissioned Jordi Sempere to carry out the video that has to promote the Festival of Moors and Christians of Ontinyent in 2019.

Both the mayor of Ontinyent, Jorge Rodríguez, and the president of the Society of Festeros, Vicent Pla, have highlighted the professionalism of Sempere because it will continue to promote the party, in audiovisual format, not only to our city but also outside our borders.

Jordi is a specialist in the audiovisual sector. He began his professional work in the local television MK Localia de Ontinyent and currently performs different professional audiovisual services in the Regional Television. In addition, it also collaborates with different regional and national media.

In 2018, it created its own production company En Viu Media, launching the Gent de las Comarques brand as a new Digital Audiovisual Platform, specializing in social information in Valencia’s interior regions.

He has been director of the audiovisual series “Welcome to Ontinyent“. As a producer and director, he has worked on the live broadcast of different programs in recent years, with extensive coverage of festive and cultural events that have been broadcast live to the world.

He has also been one of those responsible for the audiovisual production of major events such as the last concert of the group La Raíz (with 18,000 people held in the South Marina of Valencia) and the different editions of the Festiver from 2010 to the present.

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