Pregoner Medieval Market 2018

Ontinyent City Council, at the proposal of the Society of Festeros, has proceeded to name as Pregoner of the Medieval Market the festive Gusmà Vicente Domingo Tormo Vidal.

Festive of Comparsa Gusmans, being Primer Tro in 2008, has been part of the Board of the comparsa for several years, has been a representative on the Board of Government of the Sociedad del Santísimo Cristo de la Agonia by the comparsa Gusmans from 2012 to 2014 under the presidency of Antonio Morales, and also member of the Government Board of the Sociedad de Festeros del Santísimo Cristo de la Agonia from 2016 to 2018, under the presidency of José Rafael Sanchis. In 2014 the Silver Insignia of the Sociedad de Festeros dels Santísimo Cristo de la Agonia was imposed.

In the year 2000 he held the position of Captain Moro for the Filà Sha-Kalandrus of Atzeneta de Albaida, City of which he is natural.

Domingo Tormo also has a close relationship with Holy Week Ontinyentina, where he has been a member of the Brotherhood of Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno and founder of the Germandat del Temple d’Ontinyent where he currently holds the position of Chronicler of the aforementioned Germandat.

Between its facets it emphasizes the study and divulgation of what it most appreciates, it has written articles related to the Moor-Christian celebration to the books-program of the parties of Moors and Christians of Atzeneta, Agullent, Benamahoma (Cádiz) and Ontinyent, to the program-Book of the Holy Week of Ontinyent and articles related to the Purísima Concepción to the book of the festivities of the Puríssima de Ontinyent. He has also collaborated in the preparation of the book “Atzeneta d’Albaida, imatges i paraules per a la memòria“, edited by the City Council of Atzeneta in the year 2.007.

He has presented lectures on the Holy Chalice of the Cathedral of Valencia and the Holy Shroud of Turin. And since November 2,018 he is a member of the National Center for Sindonology (study and dissemination of the Holy Shroud of Turin).

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