Cervino Prize 2018

Alfred Bernabeu i Sanchis, was born in Ontinyent on May 30, 1959. Son of the official chronicler of the city Alfredo Bernabeu and Pepita Sanchis. He holds a degree in Geography and History from the Literary University of Valencia, a doctor in History and a professor of Valencian. He is the current Official Chronicle of the city of Ontinyent, a member of the Government Board of the Association of Cronistas of the Old Kingdom of Valencia, secretary of the Cultural Association Our Land and institutional vice president of Ontinyent City Council Instituto de Estudios de la Vall de Albaida.

From his birth he was part of the Kábilas group, until his father was one of the founders of the Mudéjares group in 1975, he became part of the same. In 1983 he signed with his friends to the Saudi group, which he was secretary in 2001, and a member of several meetings. In 2016, he returned to the Mudéjares, a group he currently belongs to the Otilio rock.

In 2002, he was a member of the Culture Board chairman of the Government Board of the Festers Society chaired by Vicent Palop, a post he held until 2007. From 2008 to 2011 he was appointed by President Rafael Ferrero, Vice President of the Festers Society.

He was a Cry for the Moors and Christians Festival in 2007. Director of the Moros and Christians festival program from 2002 to 2011 and a linguistic and cultural consultant for the Society of Festivals during these years. Co-author and co-director of the book Memòria Gráfica de la Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos de Ontinyent: 1860-2010, edited in 2011.

He made the report to request the BIC declaration of the Baja del Cristo in 2011. This year he has made a new report to reaffirm the declaration, and also for the BIC of the Embassies.

He has written the Peasant, Workers’ and Privileged books. Ontinyent 1735-1802, in 1985; Ontinyent, Royal Village of the Germanies in the New Plant, in 1992; Basic History of Ontinyent, in 1995; i, Conèixer Ontinyent, in 2007. He has also written in numerous journals and publications, highlighting our Llibre de Festes de Moros i Cristians, or the weekly column in the newspaper Loclar and the one he writes every month in the newspaper Lift up

He has been the Pioneer of the Easter of Ontinyent in 2008 and the Crier of the Purest Parties in 2017.

With his writings, lectures and lectures, Alfred Bernabeu has been an ambassador of the Moors and Christians party in Ontinyent, not only in his village but also in all those institutions that are part of both Valencia and the Valencian Community and the Vall d’Albaida.

Alfred Bernabeu has always valued the figure of Cervino, from whom he has written articles and lectured on his person. In this regard, Ontinyent Town Council was in charge of drafting and reading the report about Joaquín José Cervino and Ferrero that accompanied the instruction file for the appointment as the adoptive son of the city.

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