Solidarity Posts 2018

18 December, 2017

The compares that this year hold: Almogávers, Moors Spanish, Students and Marines, held a new edition of Solidarity Charges and filled with activities Latonda square and the Casino of the Society of Festers to celebrate the already traditional act of collection of food and toys for the most disadvantaged, with the invaluable collaboration of the Red Cross. At the end we received the visit of the emissary of the Kings…


Bidding Bar – Cafeteria – Restaurant

15 December, 2017

ADVERTISEMENT: The Society of Festivals of the Holy Christ of Agony of Ontinyent aims to maintain the service of Bar-Cafeteria-Restaurant, for which it plans to tender for its award. Those interested can go through the Secretary of the Society of Festivals to collect the specifications, before December 30, 2017. Ontinyent, December 13, 2017 Ad that I know at the instance of the president.              …


Moors and Christians of El Salvador greet Ontinyent

13 December, 2017

Ricardo Olmedo Baratta, a scholar of folklore in his country, El Salvador, is organizing a festival of Moors and Christians, in which Ontinyent has served as a reference, since he visited the past festivals of Moors and Christians. During his stay in Ontinyent, he met with the president of the Festive Society of Ontinyent who gave him several holiday books. His passion for these parties, in his case helped by…


Inauguration of its Student Comparsa

12 December, 2017

On November 25th, the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Students’ group took place, comparing this year to the positions of the Embassy and Flag of the Christian army. The facilities are located in Plaça del Mercat and have its own decorative decoration, such as scarves with multicolored ribbons, forks and spoons, all the iconography of the Student group and a graphic information of the history of it. At…


Misa de Doblaca Pura

11 December, 2017

Another one of the emblematic acts that mark the calendar of the Supervisory Celebrations is the Mass of Dobla that the Association of Celebrations of the Purest one and the Society of Festivals of the Santísimo Christ of the Agony realize in honor to the excellent canonical employer of Ontinyent . The Society of Festivals of the Blessed Christ of Agony, headed by its president and accompanied by the positions…


Promotional Video Parties 2018

7 December, 2017

Ontinyent City Council, on the proposal of the Festers Society, has commissioned the promotional video of the 2018 Moors and Christians Festivities to the young Victorine Gilabert Montava from Ontinyent. Victor was born in Ontinyent in 1988. At age 17 he made the first steps in the audiovisual world professionally, beginning to collaborate with FotoVideo9. He continues his studies, always relational with photography and video at Mastermedia, in Valencia, with…


Paint with us

5 December, 2017

The president of the Society of Festivals of the Holy Christ of Agony and Captain Cristóbal Manolo Penades, have participated in the activity “Paint with Us”, organized by the Occupational Center Jose Antonio Bodoque de Ontinyent to commemorate the international day of people with functional diversity and claim their presence in the social life of the city. The users and users of the Occupational Center were responsible for the Poster…


Offering in honor of the Immaculate Conception

4 December, 2017

True to the appointment with the patron saint of Ontinyent, the Society of Festivals of the Blessed Christ of Agony, headed by its president and accompanied by the Fees of 2018 and more than 24 children dressed in the gala dress of each one of the comparsas, did not want to miss the Offering of flowers that is celebrated in honor of the Immaculate Conception.