Presentation Year J.J. Cervino

Friday 12 May, the headquarters of the Society of the Festive Holy Christ of Agony welcomed the presentation of the Matterhorn Year declared by the City of Ontinyent proposed Society festive homage in the year of its 200th anniversary, the writer and jurist Joaquín José Cervino, author of embassies Ontinyent.

The event served to present the logo and the program of activities of this initiative, was attended by 24 of the first thunder of groups and positions of the party morocristiana Ontinyent 2017, and Councilor culture of the City, among others.

First the logo was unveiled, designed by the illustrator Albert Quiñones ontinyentí. According to the artist, logo sought to show a clear, direct and simple character of Joaquín José Cervino, through a close-up of her face.

Later, through an explanatory video, they list the activities of the first half of this year Cervino be held from May 18 this year and 17 May 2018.

The activities and initiatives presented include: holding a special solemn plenary session, on Thursday, May 18, to declare J.J. Matterhorn as the adopted son of Onteniente; Cervino presence of information panels on the marquees of Onteniente, in order to bring the character information to the people; Video “Draw My Life”, through which explains the life and work of the Matterhorn in a pleasant, through drawings; a series of lectures about the author with the participation of experts and specialists in his figure in the history of Spanish literature; creating an artistic mural over 50 meters, organized by the Art Power and with the participation of students in schools in the city; Matterhorn with an exhibition on new material at the Palace of the Barons of Santa Barbara; route dramatized the life of the Matterhorn in the old city; and the presentation of two books, one that reflects the writer’s life and fragments of embassies illustrated for children, and another that includes biography, photographs and a collection of the work of Joaquín José Cervino.

The event closed with speeches by José Rafael Sanchis, president of the Society festive, who spoke of this initiative as a tribute to one of the most important figures in the city, and the Councilor for Culture, Àlex Borrell, who Festive congratulated for their work and called for people to participate in the many activities.