Saturday 5 November. the Hall of Society festive filled to overflowing, took place the presentation of logos allegorical accompany the groups charge during this exciting year awaits them. One by one, the images that represent this year were discovered in the hands of charges previously explained and accompanied by a video.

The logo was submitted by the Fontanos captain Javi Moscardo and work fester Salva Micó, Captain Moro Cefe Micó us unveil its emblem for this year of captaincy. Ignacio Girones and David Penades Ambassador Christian flag and chose the logo developed by Oscar Ubeda. As for the troupe Berberiscos Ambassador Moro Moors along the flag Angela Montes and Mª Carmen Tomas, we found the image that has drawn Paula Borreda for the occasion.

Then they enjoyed a festive dinner and a great atmosphere with four troupes of charge casino Society festive.