50th anniversary Saudites


On Saturday 19 November 2016 Comparsa Saudites Ontinyent, presented the logo of the 50th anniversary of the troupe. This event will begin the celebrations planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Comparsa.

The logo was elected to the 50th anniversary of the Commission’s own troupe and is designed for the Saudita FERRERO LAURA towers, Engineering Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development with specialization in Design and Product Development for leisure habitat and obtaining academic exel.lents calificacions. Furthermore sitting has elected to present a leisure project created by her toy exhibition in innovative childcare IFEMA Fair 2016 in Madrid.

In the words of the designer, logo as the 50th soon to include significant elements of the troupe. The number 5 has set thinking curved shapes and finished in tip as sables. The name of the crown included the highest number 5 month valley can be seen as three lines with decorative represeten dress turban of the Comparsa Saudites.

Then, like a zero when the moon is growing. Dora represents the moon and the curve that gives way to zero, would be the missing part to the moon be full.

You can see the moon consists of a Moorish texture with texts, texts that represent the history of the 50 years of the Comparsa Saudites, which include the name of all the squares that form and have been part of the Comparsa and morocristianes marches that have been made for groups and for members of her.

 Finally, the word birthday and the years 1967 to 2017 form the basis of the logo.

The logo was presented at the Hall of the Saudita Society for festive Paula Vidal First Thunder next to the Comparsa Josep French and relied on the presence of the President of the Society festive, Vice President and Secretary as well as comparsa saudites and festive friends who wanted to be involved in the first celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Comparsa Saudites.