The City of Ontinyent, a proposal from the Society festive, proceeded to order the poster of the Moors and Christians 2017 local designer Álvaro Sanchis. The proposal, which was communicated to the Board of the Society last Friday, was completed with the names of who will be the preacher of the Medieval Market which will take place during the six months the festive Juanan Alcaraz; and the responsible parties elaborate promotional video, graphic designer and creative audiovisual David Soriano.

Both the mayor of Ontinyent, Jorge Rodriguez, as president festive, Rafael José Sanchis, highlighted the merits and experience of the three designated “that surely will carry out quality work and will be consistent with the image you have to give our celebrations. ”

The designer of the poster, Álvaro Sanchis (Ontinyent, 1985) graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and a Diploma in Interior Design from the School of Art and Design in Valencia, began his professional activity 2006. after going through several design studios, began in 2010 his activity as a professional freelance projects made interior design, graphic and web design.

With time, has specialized in the field of cultural posters, highlighting its work related to the International Puppetry Albaida Valley. He has made numerous posters for theatrical institutions as Escalante Theatre Centre, as well as with international companies like Let Anant Theater, and various institutions and organizations. Combine this activity with his teaching and research at the UPV, collaborating on various projects such as the Masters in Design and illustration or research group Experimental Unit, where he currently completes his PhD thesis.

The preacher of the Medieval Market, Alcaraz Gonzalez Juanan is Technical Management Information Systems, evolving today as head of the systems department in the company Ontinyent INASE Computer. When young, he began his career in the festive masquerade of Benimerines, although some came out back in Cruzados. In 2013 decided to combine the celebrations with more Cides troupe, which has great friends.

It has always been closely linked to the organization of the party and society festive, regular contributor to the book festival program, which even appeared in 2013. He has been a member of the secretariat in the first Congress International Embassies and Ambassadors held at Ontinyent in 2010, Fester Museum archivist from 2011 to 2014, first by thunder troupe of Benimerines 2013, and member of the Board of Parties as representing Benimerines December 2010 to September 2016.

As for David Soriano Martinez (Ontinyent, 1986), responsible for the promotional video of the Moors and Christians in 2017, the telecommunications engineer, image and sound and graduated in Audiovisual Communication UPV serves as creative content and corporate videography social events in the study audiovisual

His videos and advertising campaigns are characterized by direct, simple, effective and human originals. Author of festive videos, documentaries or promotional row Bandits (Ollería), Saracens (Alaquàs) Benimerines (Ontinyent) Almogavars (Ontinyent) Fontanos (Ontinyent) and Smugglers (Ontinyent); Author of videos for groups Ontinyent (Adeshora and Helsinki) and several institutional campaigns for municipalities as Onteniente, Agullent, Pedreguer, Eliana, Nijar, and organizations such as the Council of Valencia, the CLJO Foundation f2e or Trade in, in addition to corporate videos and social events.