Saludo del Embajador y el Abanderado Moros (Taifas)

Countdown to a year full of emotions and feelings. Recor¬dem pleasantly the day we said, both our families as the squad’s decision to introduce ourselves as ambassador and bearer and we get instant support from them. Recal¬car also want the affection of the entire troupe Taif and the help we are giving con¬tínuament. They are six months to live to be, personally, a festival so special for us and for our beloved Tajha the squad, of which we are proud to be part fully. We would like to emphasize the atmosphere of brotherhood between all the positions of the parties in 2016, making this year was more special if possible. We are working hard to meet all the targets and we are confident that com¬plirem. We would like to invite all the people to share Ontinyent fes¬ta Middle Year and thank us again, both the Taifa masquerade as the Tajha our squad, all the support and help that we are getting continually . Vosal¬tres not know that this year would make no sense.
Avant, Taifa!
Avant, the Tajha!
Avant, Embassy 2016!