Festeros acquires a ground floor for use as a warehouse

The property is located in the call Arquebisbe Segrià, in front of the Societat de Festers building

The Festeros Society has acquired a ground floor in order to free up the main building (where the Festero Museum and the administration offices are located) for use as a warehouse. The premises are located at 30 Arzobispo Segrià Street, in front of the Sociedad de Festeros.
It is a newly built ground floor (year 2000) with 148 square meters. It is an open space and has been recently acquired with the sole purpose of using it as a warehouse. This acquisition has been carried out after it was approved with the unanimity of the members present at the Extraordinary General Assembly convened on Sunday 24 November, for this purpose, as specified in the Statutes.
Vicente Pla, president of the Society of Festeros: “We think that with this acquisition we extend the fixed assets of the Society of Festeros with an element that I believe essential and necessary for an association as big as ours, which takes charge of organizing the parties of major repercussion and visibility of Ontinyent. We have always had the limitations of a warehouse. At the moment we have a small warehouse in the fourth square of the main building of Sociedad de Festeros, but unfortunately we do not fit bulky elements. We have always had to pull the goodwill of other festeros who have kindly left us some of their personal property to use as storage. Now we will be able to occupy this new space with complete peace of mind“.