The President

As every February, the “Mig Any” comes to Ontinyent to lecture us and bring out the festive spirit in the town and enjoy what we felt like our own, with the announcement of a new festivities that, without realizing it, are starting.

Undoubtedly, this will be a “Mig Any” special for everyone. For my part, I begin a new path as a president of Festive Society, our home. I can assure you that nobody take away my illusion and desire to work for our festivities with new projects. I’m sure I can count on the help of our board and all festive and no festive members for the Feast that Ontinyent deserves.

Therefore, it is time to feel and experience the 2015 festivities. I want to congratulate all charges. Now it is time of festive feeling, we illusion with the preparations because they become an exit. I confidence in Cruzados and Benimeris “comparsas” which occupy the captains: two festive saga captains, María Peiró and Laura Gramage, are the captains. I am convinced that the Cides and Mossàrabs, exercising Ambassadors –Raül Calabuig and Ignacio Bordera– and Flab Bearers –Amadeo Juan and José Pedro Jordà– charges, make us get excited with the parliaments written by the distinguished writer Joaquín José Cervino. They, along with twenty-four men and women who represent each of the “comparsas” as “primers trons”, are preparing the best festivities in their lives.