Temporary Exhibitions

The Feast Museum has a temporary exhibition hall in which, throughout the year, various festive exhibitions take place. For our installations, an important number of local artists has passed as well as various associations that enjoyed this space in an incomparable setting.
Nowadays, this room takes an exhibition of costumes used in the Historical Parade commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Moors and Christians Ontinyent made expressly in 2010 in. These dresses are very reliable replicas of those used the “comparsas” disappeared from our festivities and there is a record of the design of their clothing. “Comparsas” as Tomasinas, Churros, Caballitos or Capellanes are only some examples of groups that participating in the Ontinyent Moors and Christians.
It is possible too to see the prints created by Joanvi Martínez, Office Ambassador of our Society, that serve as a pattern for the dressmaking of these suits.

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