Second Floor

On the second floor of the museum, two rooms are dedicated specifically to expose a lot of special dresses used by the most important charges of our festivities: Captains, Ambassadors and Flag Bearers; the captains dresses are exposed in a large room, where everyone can see costumes from the 70s of the last century until the last Captains, that occupy a special place. Ambassadors and Flag Bearers also have an important place in the room dedicated to embassies, which are also exhibited ancient weapons and models of castles that Ontinyent festivities used throughout its history. Special mention deserves the author of our embassies, Magistrate Joaquín José Cervino, where everyone can see the different impressions that have been made in the text and an autograph copy by Cervino.

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The Holy Christ of Agony, patron of our feasts, also has, as it cannot be otherwise, a space dedicated in our museum; several pieces of the image of our “Morenet” disappeared in the Spanish Civil War are also between images, reproductions and carriers clothing.

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Our visit to the Museum will close in the last room which was incorporated in our exhibition space: dedicated to the 150th anniversary of our festivities with different images and memories of this event, and the First International Conference of Moorish and Christians Ambassadors and Embassies held in our town in July 2010, where everybody can see snapshots of the celebrations of the Moors and Christians around the world and memories of the countries visited us in this wonderful international event.

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On the second floor it houses the Cervino Room too, a space where “comparses” and other entities can hold meetings and assemblies. In this place there is also located the Ambassadors box where is put the names and pictures of the festive members that declaimed it.