Ground floor

The first floor of the Feast Museum, in the access to the hall from the stairs of the building, visitors can see an important part of our heritage that the museum exhibits in its installations: a lot of posters announced our feasts fill the walls of this access under the title of “Call to the Feast.”

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The temporary exhibition hall is also in this floor; this remains open to the public and is used throughout the year with different samples in which the visitor can enjoy. Here are exposed as A significant amount of local artists have exposed here that share their work with visitors usually in the cycle of exhibitions in the “Mig Any” each year.

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And before visiting the museum in its entirety, you need to visit our store where you can buy books from previous years celebrations, festive music compact discs released in our town, pieces made by local artists giving their vision of our feasts or some souvenirs that our museum offers the visitor.

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